Re: [Evolution] RedHat 7.2 (off topic a bit)

On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 13:53, Hartnett wrote:
Last night I tried to install Ximian desktop on a fresh test system of
Red Hat 7.2.
Why on earth would balsa, among a few other apps, be listed as a
necessary removal to install Ximian desktop?
Is Ximian trying to dictate what app to use? I currently feel there are
shades of MS appearing.
Hopefully I am wrong on this, but again what reason would balsa need to
be removed, no information was offered as to why?

Usually that is because Balsa depends on a library which is going to be
upgraded.  After the upgrade Balsa will not work, so it will be removed.

I think an alternative method for Ximian install needs to be done.
Give a sold reason as to why an app(s) needs to be removed, and also
offer an alternative choice so that the listed app does not have to be
removed. The app in question could be vary valuable to the user.
For the most part I like the Ximian desktop and Evolution, (I also play
with Balsa), though there are somethings with both items I would like to
see changed, in particular the way Ximian mucks with the menu systems,
leave them alone and just include rather then replace them.

If you right-click on the foot and select properties, you'll see that
Ximian GNOME does not replace the system menu, it instead adds another
set of menus.  When I press on the foot, I get two Programs menus, one
from RedHat and one from Ximian.  Ximian use a different menu tree as
the layout of their tree is different, and it means that all supported
Ximian distributions get the same menu tree.

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