Re: [Evolution] Extremely long link times

This is libtools fault mostly, but also gnome-config's fault (because
of limitations which pushed the problem into libtool i guess).

There's a patch around for libtool 1.4 which is supposed to address it
a little (try the archives).

Most of the time is spend in a stupid shell script which attempts to detect
link dependencies, which also blows out the link line. ld thankfully doesn't
slow down that much (well at least gnu ld) because of it.


When linking something this seems to stick out like sore thumb: The link
command line has more than 10 times references to libraries like libz,
libdl, libXext, libX11, libSM, etc. The list really goes on and on and on.

So, could this contribute to the extremely long link times I have? And,
where does the mega long link command line and duplicate lib references
come from? 


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