Re: [Evolution] Buying Ximian

Ximian will soon be releasing Red Carpet Express.  RC Express is $9.95
per month and will have significantly increased download speeds.  You
can read the press release that is linked below.

I understand this isn't the place for this topic, but I thought I'd
voice my opinion anyway.

I like RC and would pay for increased download speeds.  However given
the number of times I use RC in a month, I don't think it's worth $10/mo
for me.  Will there be multiple tiers for this service?  Or perhaps
discounts for yearly subscriptions?  I think I'd pay $5USD/mo.

Since we're on the (off)topic of RC, will RC ever allow the ability for
users to configure 3rd party channels?  For instance, I think it would
be great for freshmeat, say, to offer an RC channel, and for RC users to
be able to subscribe to this channel without any burden being placed on
Ximian.  (In other words, completely independent of Ximian.)  This is
especially vital for internal deployments.

The above is where I see the real power in Red Carpet.  RC is a vehicle,
and I think some competition on the highways would be great.

Thanks for listening.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled
program. :)


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