Re: [Evolution] 0.15 comments

On ven, 2001-10-19 at 03:32, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
I have a few comments. Overall things are coming along great!

First: bug 10925. This should be easy to fix and not fixing it could
result in people believing that Evolution has trashed their mail.

Second: Somewhere along the line Search->show all  became search->clear.
I personally thought "show all" was a particularly clear lable and that
it isn't clear exactly what "clear" would do.
  "Show All" was confusing as users would expect it to also display the hidden messages.  But it does not, it just clears the search.  Hence, "Search -> Clear".

  Surely not optimal, but less confusing than the previous one, I think.

  (BTW, AFAIK, Outlook uses the same _expression_, "Clear", for the quicksearch bar.)


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