[Evolution] Evolution CVS is STILL majorly broken

Evolution has been severely broken for me since last weekend (I'm sending
this from Spruce).  I updated from CVS tonight, did a killev, oaf-slay,
kill gconfd, and it still goes into 100% CPU mode in
evolution-executive-summary.  So I rebooted, and Evolution came up.  So I
thought I'd move my evolution directory out of the way and start fresh to
clear any cruft (late last week, I noticed that Evo wanted to copy some new
files into my directory, after which it crashed the next several times I
tried to start it--Evo is still very bad at handling new files).

When I tried that, I went through the First Time druid.  I specifically
unchecked all of the import options.  After clicking Finish I noticed a
Pine import dialog show up.  Then Evo went into 100% CPU mode, with the
splash screen frozen with nothing displayed.  Now rebooting doesn't fix the
problem, and setting the environment variable to bypass the splash screen
doesn't help either.  What else can I do to get back up and running?

Another thing I noticed is that Evo doesn't seem to store my Mail Settings
in the evolution directory any more?  During one of my iterations I entered
some bogus stuff in the First Time druid.  Now even when I move by backup
evolution directory into the right place, my Mail Setting are still the
bogus entry instead of my correct 4 accounts.

On a side note, I'm very curious about the major breakage.  Did the
person/people who committed the code that broke everything so severely know
this was going to happen?  Surely the most cursory testing before
committing would have revealed the problems, since it seems to have
affected so many people.  It seems rather strange that such major breakage
would happen so close to a Release Candidate.

Here's a backtrace of evolution-executive-summary.  I ^C in gdb when I go
into 100% CPU mode and then do 'bt' to get this.  It seems like there's a
problem in gtkhtml.  By the way, I submitted this a week ago in bugzilla


#0  0x404f3ff9 in g_utf8_strlen (p=0x80cf3d6 "hello", max=-1) at
#1  0x4037b4bf in html_text_init (text=0x80cf790, klass=0x40394160, 
    str=0x80cf3d6 "hello", len=-1, font_style=GTK_HTML_FONT_STYLE_DEFAULT, 
    color=0x80cf090) at htmltext.c:1270
#2  0x4037b560 in html_text_new_with_len (str=0x80cf3d6 "hello", len=-1, 
    font=GTK_HTML_FONT_STYLE_DEFAULT, color=0x80cf090) at htmltext.c:1309
#3  0x4037b594 in html_text_new (text=0x80cf3d6 "hello", 
    font=GTK_HTML_FONT_STYLE_DEFAULT, color=0x80cf090) at htmltext.c:1319
#4  0x40355ffa in text_new (e=0x80ce878, text=0x80cf3d6 "hello", 
    style=GTK_HTML_FONT_STYLE_DEFAULT, color=0x80cf090) at htmlengine.c:362
#5  0x40356585 in insert_text (e=0x80ce878, clue=0x80cf2c0, 
    text=0x80cf3d6 "hello") at htmlengine.c:567
#6  0x40356a27 in parse_body (e=0x80ce878, clue=0x80cf2c0, end=0x40391068, 
    toplevel=1) at htmlengine.c:774
#7  0x4035db38 in html_engine_timer_event (e=0x80ce878) at
#8  0x4035dc69 in html_engine_stream_end (stream=0x80cef60, 
    status=GTK_HTML_STREAM_OK, data=0x80ce878) at htmlengine.c:3847
#9  0x403355d3 in gtk_html_stream_close (stream=0x80cef60, 
    status=GTK_HTML_STREAM_OK) at gtkhtml-stream.c:126
#10 0x4033a175 in gtk_html_load_from_string (html=0x80b1e40, 
    str=0x805e580 "<html><head><title>Summary</title></head><body
bgcolor=\"#ffffff\">hello</body></html>", len=84) at gtkhtml.c:2495
#11 0x08052668 in e_summary_init (summary=0x80ada78) at e-summary.c:485
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
#12 0x408dafd5 in gtk_type_new (type=51989) at gtktypeutils.c:399
#13 0x08052888 in e_summary_new (shell=0x80ac620) at e-summary.c:540
#14 0x08054171 in e_summary_factory_new_control (uri=0x80ad3d4 "/", 
    shell=0x80ac620, handler=0x80aad88) at e-summary-factory.c:137
#15 0x08051a5c in create_view (shell=0x80685e8, physical_uri=0x80ad3d4 "/",

    folder_type=0x80ad3dc "summary", control_return=0xbffff458,
    at component-factory.c:73
#16 0x4003f4dc in impl_createView (servant=0x8068644, 
    physical_uri=0x80ad3d4 "/", type=0x80ad3dc "summary", ev=0xbffff4d0)
    at evolution-shell-component.c:455
#17 0x40027ebf in _ORBIT_skel_GNOME_Evolution_ShellComponent_createView (
    _ORBIT_servant=0x8068644, _ORBIT_recv_buffer=0x80abbc8, ev=0xbffff4d0, 
    _impl_createView=0x4003f490 <impl_createView>) at
#18 0x40446a67 in ORBit_POA_handle_request (recv_buffer=0x80abbc8, 
    poa=0x8072760) at orbit_poa.c:512
#19 0x40449023 in ORBit_handle_incoming_request (recv_buffer=0x80abbc8)
    at server.c:90
#20 0x40449281 in ORBit_handle_incoming_message (recv_buffer=0x80abbc8)
    at server.c:160
#21 0x404605a9 in giop_main_handle_connection (connection=0x80ac390)
    at connection.c:1214
#22 0x404081d1 in orb_handle_connection (source=0x80ac430, cond=G_IO_IN, 
    cnx=0x80ac390) at oaf-mainloop.c:69
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
#23 0x409a5bd4 in g_io_unix_dispatch (source_data=0x80ac448, 
    current_time=0xbffff660, user_data=0x80ac390) at giounix.c:137
#24 0x409a7390 in g_main_dispatch (dispatch_time=0xbffff660) at gmain.c:656
#25 0x409a796f in g_main_iterate (block=1, dispatch=1) at gmain.c:877
#26 0x409a7b2b in g_main_run (loop=0x80abb28) at gmain.c:935
#27 0x4087d2b3 in gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:524
#28 0x403d88fb in bonobo_main () at bonobo-main.c:283
#29 0x0805b829 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff754) at main.c:81
#30 0x409d61f0 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6

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