Re: [Evolution] Oaf problems?

I'm seeing something similar on both my RH7.1 boxes. If I shut down Evo,
and then go to open it again, it sys "can't find database componets" and
quits. At this point I have to do a "killev" and then kill all instances
of oaf to get it to start back up. Its been like this for a week.


On Fri, 2001-10-19 at 08:52, Bob Doan wrote:
This has been happening to me since Monday.

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot activate Evolution component --

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Could not start up component for

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot activate Evolution component --

evolution-shell-WARNING **: No folder metadata in
/home/bdoan/evolution/local/Inbox/subfolders/SICOM/subfolders/CHET/subfolders/Dev18... ignoring


It is now happening on my RH 7.1 box and my RH 6.1 box... Anyone else
seeing this?

- Bob

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