Re: [Evolution] Suggestions & bugs

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 12:38:52PM -0400, NotZed wrote:

I have two IMAP servers and want to check all folders of these servers
for new mail (on both I'm using procmail).
Evo shows me that I have XX new mails and a moment later one of the
folders with new mails is displayed like the folder without anything
new. When I go to this folder there are those new mails. :-))

We know.  What imap server and version are you using?
On one server, there is imapd 2000.283rh (implementing IMAP4rev1) via SSL.
And on the second one: imap server version 4.7c IMAP4rev1 v12.264 via SSL.

I'm experiencing (very often) mail component crashes. It looks like
problem with downloading the list of new mails and meanwhile arriving
new mail to folder. Other way the combination of these two actions looks
strange. I don't experience crash normally, only when I change folder.
Say me how to report something like 'strace' :-))

You need to use gdb and backtrace.  Infact a recent version of bugbuddy
will do this for you.  There is a faq/support page on
for details on how you do this.

It could be nice if I would be able to change the order of accounts
and/or to disable displaying of account, e.g. Local Folders, VFolders,
Other Contacts (I don't use these ones)

You can just delete most local folders (including other contacts/etc).

You can also just use a shortcut bar and hide the folder tree.

I also have problem with mail in HTML and ZIP attachment. The attachment
is not shown in Evo. The attachment is OK as I can see in mutt. I will
send the problematic mail to this mailing list soon.

ZIP?  Please report a bug on, and attach the message
there, do not send the problem mail to this list, thanks.


I will do it.


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