RE: [Evolution] non-email folders broken in debian SID beta5 package

In addition, after I get my black calendar/task views, if I try again to
go to the relevant component, I get the oops: crashed message, followed by
a crash of the evolution process.  ALso,  evolution-calendar is NOT a 
running process at any time during my evolution sessions.  I have nothing
but evolution, evolution-mail, and evolution-addressbook running.  
the program spits no error messages out to the commandline, as well.

I'd include backtraces, but the debian packages appear to be compiled 
without debugging symbols, so I'm not sure what good they would do.

relatedly, how does one include debugging symbols when one does a compile
of evolution.  My former CVS builds also had no debugging information 
compiled in :-(  what setting in configure or makefiles do i have to set?


On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 23:05, shadoi wrote:
Not much help, but I'm also running the Debian sid beta5 packages and
don't have this problem.

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 22:14, Joseph Levi Barnett wrote:

Due to recent instabilities in CVS, I've decided to downgrade to beta5. 
being a debian user, I grabbed the evolution-ssl package out of SID/non-us
after make uninstalling the CVS gal,gtkhtml, and evolution modules.  I even
went so far as to apt-get install --reinstall relevant packages depended on by 

Now I can receive mail without freezing evolution, and this made me happy :)

however, when I click on calendar or tasks view, all I get is a white evolution
pane, and an empty toolbar.  clicking on addressbook causes CPU to spike for
30-60 seconds, after which my selection defaults back to the previously 
selected item (as if i had clicked on 'local folders' in the tree view).

Since addressbook is broken, the To: CC: and Bcc: fields in my composer view
have no text entry box, and I cannot send emails because I cannot tell 
evolution where to send emails to (email address data is lost when i try to
reply to an email, so there is NO way for me to send emails anywhere using
evolution at this point).

does anyone have any ideas as to where I should look to fix these issues?  
barring that, I'll just wait for a nice functional CVS version to reappear
from the depths of developerland :)  I have had the debian packages for
beta 5 work in the past, but perhaps something has changed since then?  
It's my understanding that these beta releases SHOULD be relatively stable,
but I understand the product is in ongoing development, blah blah, etc. :), 
I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could look to try to fix these


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