[Evolution] is this possible???

Hi Everybody!

I decided to finally start using Evo for my personal email, but have run
into a major stumbling block which will prevent me from using it. :(
Unless, someone out there knows a solution to my dilemma.
I like to keep my email messages on the pop server, so I can telnet into
it, and use Pine when I am accessing my email remotely.  So, I have the
checkbox in Evo checked next to the option "Leave Messages on Server".
My problem is, I don't see where to tell Evo to only download previously
not-downloaded email.  Other email clients I have used for years have
this feature, to only download unread email.  Is it possible in Evo???
Right now, as it is, it re-downloads the save messages every time I
check email, since I want the originals left on the server, resulting in
tons of duplicate messages.  Please let me know if there is a way to set
Evo to only download unread or previously not-downloaded messages.

Thanks in advance,
Jamie Rubinstein
Systems Engineer, Apropos Inc.
jamier aproposretail com

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