Re: [Evolution] problems with snapshot

I'm pretty sure I checked out/compiled gal, gtkhtml AND evolution
today...  the gal/gtkhtml checkout/compile could have been from last

To elaborate slightly, the behavior IS slightly different:  the text
still gets chopped, but only apperas one time, isntead of as many times
as you scroll a line.  I'll include a screenshot to elaborate.

If I try grabbing a new gtkhtml, will I have to recompile evolution
against the new gtkhtml?  (i only ask because evolution compilation
takes quite a bit of time, and I try to limit my compiles if at all

On Sun, 2001-10-14 at 18:59, Larry Ewing wrote:
A gtkhtml from today?


On Sun, 2001-10-14 at 20:03, Joe Barnett wrote:
On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 09:56, Dan Winship wrote:
3) The new compose message window has problems with text being left

Already fixed in CVS.

I'm still seeing this behavior as of CVS checked out and compiled today.


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