Re: [Evolution] GPG message display

Yeah.  I guess the way I envision it is as a listbox with the following
options: Default, None, Sign, Encrypt, Sign/Encrypt.  Of course, when you
create a new contact, the default setting is "Default".

This brings another idea to mind, regarding LDAP and Contacts.  It would
be nice to add supplemental information such as "Prefers HTML" or the
proposed "Encryption Type" to the LDAP database info.  You would then have
a 'layered' contact with this new information over the contents of the
LDAP entry.  This would allow you to automagically get updated on their
phone, address, and email from the LDAP database while you maintain on
your own data which the LDAP administrator could care less about.

        -- Tim.

On 12 Oct 2001, Kris Newman wrote:

Something along the lines of the "Prefers HTML" switch?

Hey, I like it! That way Evo stays "not broken", and I don't have to
explain to my Mother that she needs to click an attachment.


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