Re: [Evolution] Watch out for the new editor changes!

On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 23:55, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

Radek Doulik has been doing a lot of great work on the GtkHTML editor in
the past week, speeding it up considerably.  (Thanks Radek!)

  Unfortunately, this also means that new code paths might have been
introduced, and consequently that new bugs might have crept in.

  Since we are very near to the planned total-mega-master freeze, I'd
like to ask the bravest among Evolution users to update their snapshots
(the ones that will be available in a few hours), and start playing with
the new composer, reporting their impressions to the list and bugs to
the Bugzilla.  The sooner we get bug reports about the composer, the
better the quality of the composer that we'll ship with 1.0 will be.

  BTW, It works great so far for me -- except that it's much, much
faster.  :-)  It's definitely worth a try.

I have built the code from the latest CVS.
There are many weird bugs showing up when doing things
like pasting links into a message.  I have noticed things
like the ends of a URL being repeated multiple time beneath
the text. Like this:

Scrolling up and down makes these lines disappear.
I think some of this weirdness only happens when the body
of text that is being pasted into is all formatted as

There are other things, like URLs not turning blue when I paste
them.  The turn blue when I place the cursor at the end of the
URL and hit Enter.

Also, sometimes when I attempt to paste a URL, the first time
I try, what is pasted is whatever I had previously copied
into the X buffer by highlighting some text.  The second
attempt of highlighting the new text and then pasting
(middle button) pastes the correct text.

I'm sure there is more.  But that is what I noticed with
the last massage I was composing.


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