Re: [Evolution] Solaris 8 LDAP setup

Are you referring to resolving e-mail addresses from an LDAP directory? 
If so, we have a hack for that, but it is just that; a hack.  I just
sent this to someone with the same problem and it worked very well for
him.  Here's how it goes:

Add this to your ~/evolution/config.xmldb

<section path="/Addressbook/Completion">
<entry name="uri" type="string"

NOTE: Change the URL to match the addressbook URL you want to use. With
LDAP URLs it has to be formatted using the correct syntax for your

If this isn't your problem, or if you have any additional questions or
concerns please feel free to reply to this e-mail or to e-mail us at
evolution ximian com 

Pete Goodall
Support Tech
Ximian, Inc.
pete ximian com

On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 15:17, Anthony Jones wrote:
I have tried every know way to setup up LDAP on my workstation.  Is there
any additional software that I need running/installed to do LDAP lookups?
I add the Contact List database with all the necessary information, but
still the only contact is Ximian.
Anthony A. Jones
SAP ERP Tech Team
anthony_jones rac ray com

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