[Evolution] Did I find a fetchmail/procmail/mutt solution?

I like to read my mail over a ssh link using mutt, and I was trying to
figure out how to set things up so I could use Evolution when I'm
sitting here, and mutt when I'm ssh-ing in from someplace else.  IMAP
would work, but as it's all local it's enough of a hassle that I wanted
to try something else.

Here's what I did, and it seems to work:  (this seems to work for me, it
might not for you, try this at your own risk, keep backups, YMMV, etc.)

1. Left procmail sending things to various mailboxes in ~/Mail. 
~/Mail/ThisList, ~/Mail/ThatList, etc.  All mail goes here, nothing is
left in the mbox in /var/spool/mail.
2. Created corresponding folders in Evo.  Not virtual folders, real
folders.  I created Mailing_Lists under Inbox, then put the other
folders there.
3. Made the targets in ~/Mail symlinks to mbox files created in the
corresponding folders in the ~/evolution/local tree.

Now, fetchmail/procmail properly dumps the mail into the Evo mbox files
-- and I didn't need to modify anything there.  Mutt correctly handles
reading from a symlink.

The drawbacks: 

1. I'd gotten used to looking at the file sizes in mutt to see if I've
got new mail in that bin.  Now, I have to actually take a peek.
2. Deleted mail shows up in Mutt until it's expunged.
3. Looks like there's a risk if I delete things in mutt, as the index
files get out of whack.  This will take experimentation, but at least
it's easy to fix.
4. Reading a file in Evo doesn't mark it as read in mutt.

It's not perfect, but it seems to be working.  If anyone else has other
suggestions, please let me know.


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