Re: [Evolution] Serious bug

This is exactly the same reason I moved this folder, I wanted to try it
get it to appear above the other folders...

* Blake

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 20:15, Preston de Guise wrote:
Quoting shadoi <shadoi soulmachine com>:

If you move a folder that is in the the top-level inbox into the
top-level inbox (in other words, it's not going to move anywhere) it
will delete anything and everything in itself.  Presumably because it
thinks it is overwriting itself.

Coincidentally, I managed to do this myself last night.

For me, what happened was that evolution seems to have from a recent build
started to do some form of "smart sorting" on the mailboxes.

I.e., I have some "special" mailboxes within various folders/subfolders that
start with a "*" so that in a normal sort, they'll appear first. Evolution
seemed to honour that up until around Beta 4.

Last night I figured I'd try to move one of the resorted mailboxes. I.e.,
configuration was:

+ Local Folders
  + Shouldn't be first folder 1
  + Shouldn't be first folder 2
  - * Should be first folder 1

So I grabbed the folder that should be first and dragged it to "Local Folders".
I had sort of hoped that this might just force a manual repositioning of the
folder. Instead, it did as Blake mentioned, delete the folder and all its

Luckily I had a backup and only lost 3 messages :)

I'd agree this is a bug.


-Preston de Guise.


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