[Evolution] Configuring LDAP Authentication

Hello all,

I'm going to be working on-site at a client's facility for the next few
months, and I'd like to be able to access their Exchange address book.
They have LDAP running on the exchange server, and although I really
don't know anything about LDAP I was able to connect to the server and
get some results from a search using the 'gq' LDAP client.

However, I can't get Evo to work, and it seems like the problem is that
I don't understand how the LDAP config is supposed to work.  

I have "My server requires authentication" checked off, so when I start
Evo I get prompted for my e-mail address and password.  But when I enter
my e-mail address it doesn't work. Am I really supposed to put my e-mail
address in this field, or is it supposed to be something else, like my
CN or DN?

Also, what does Search Scope mean?  In the evolution docs it says:

        "Search Scope: The scope of the search"

Rather than go off on a rant about the uselessness of this kind of
"help", I'll just assume that's there as a temporary placeholder.

One more question: is there a way that I can get some kind of debugging
output from the contact manager to see what it's doing in the
background?  That would help with future issues.



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