Re: [Evolution] pilot conduits

On Sun, 2001-10-07 at 12:53, Scott Leerssen wrote:
I've been trying to get the conduits working for evo without much luck.

After one of my recent updates with evoltion, my gnomecc (control
center) panel got a "MISSINGNAME" selection added with "Pilot Link" and
"Pilot Conduits" items.  Note, they also appear in the "Peripherals"
menu.  I was expecting the "Pilot Conduits" item to point me to some
conduits that I could select/configure, but, instead, I get the same
screen that the "Pilot Link" button takes me to, which is the add/remove
pilot and cradle options.

I'm willing to start from scratch to get the right files to show up in
the right places.  Any clues on how to get the pilot stuff to configure

Oh, and also, how do I fix that "MISSINGNAME" thing in my control

I had the same problem. I fixed it by installing control-center version
1.5.7 and control-center-plus version 1.5.5. Even so, I get segfaults
and other crashes each time and sync, and I still haven't gotten my
address book or todo list to sync at all.
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