[Evolution] How to prevent the summary from polling?


I am having problems with preventing evo's summary from polling "news"
and "weather", because this causes unwanted dialouts when using
non-permanent connection with automatic dialout.


* Setting the news and weather "polling intervals" to "0" causes the
summary actually to poll with an interval of 0 secs (== busy waiting).

* Removing all "sources" from the news and weather properties seems to
work for the current session, only, but these settings seem to get lost
and reset to predefined values if re-starting evolution.

* The summary does not seem to recognize "offline mode and seems to
insist on polling.

* The text-entry-fields to enter the polling intervals are too narrow to
insert more than 3-digits.

The only "half-acceptable" work-around I have found so far is to set the
polling interval to a "large" value.


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