Re: [Evolution] Problems with latest snapshots and RedHat 7.1 (and other distros too)

On Sat, 2001-10-06 at 04:26, Manuel Borchers wrote:

It's about the "Can't access the ConfigDatabase" problem.
Some of us are seeing this on different distros.
(for more info see )

I'm trying to track this problem down, but with no luck at all.

So my question here is: Is there someone who got this to work by
compiling a CVS version for himself? I want to know if it's a rpm
packaging problem or a gerneral "bug" in Evolution.
(I don't want to try it yet, because I had to update much system stuff
like bin-utils and so on to compile evo).

Thanks for any input ;)

I've never used Evo from RPM's, mainly because I _despise_ them.  I'm
using Mandrake 8.0.  After being on this mailing list for 1 - 1 1/2
years, it seems like a significant number of problems are due to

So at any rate, I've been using Evo from CVS nearly the whole time I've
been using it as a mailer (since about 0.5).  I know there are a number
of others on the list doing so as well.  FWIW, I compile Gnome from
source, although I usually wait for released tarballs unless CVS fixes a
nasty bug that is affecting me.

The only downside to using CVS (other than compile time and making sure
your tools are the right versions) is that occasionally when files get
renamed, such as .oafinfo to .oaf, you have to do manual cleanup.



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