Re: [Evolution] Mailto URL handler

On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 17:57, Eric Lambart wrote:

Though I don't use mozilla, I use a line like this to trigger an
evolution compose window from Opera ("$1" because this is actually a
shell script).  So I guess unless it's a problem with bloatzilla, you
should try putting a "mailto:"; before the %s.

/usr/bin/evolution "mailto:$1";

Actually.. this is not working for me. Using quotes around 'mailto' does
not work at all, but using 'evolution mailto:$1' or 'evolution
mailto:%s' just puts $1 or %s in the to field, without expanding the

It works from the commandline, so I doubt that this is related to
evolution. (which kind of make this mail slightly off-topic).

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