Re: [Evolution] Adding contact's birthdays to calendar

On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 07:07, Miles Lane wrote:
On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 21:29, Steve Fox wrote:
I would love to have the option to add a contact's birthday to my
calendar (probably with a 1 week reminder by default :) either
automatically when I specify it or at least a button that does it for

Anyone else think this cool? (I think Outlook does it)

I suppose a more generalized feature might be nice.
For example, something where I could specify any special
occasion and then have a "Add reminder to calendar" button.
Ideally, the "Add Event" dialog would have UI for specifying
whether I just wanted to add the next occurrence of the
event or wanted the reminder to be recurring, instead.

Obvious possible significant events include:

      Name days (celebrated rather than birthdays in most
      of Eastern Europe)
      Wedding Anniversaries

oh that would be so unbelievably handy - especially if there was
some way of entering these en mass or importing them from other sources.
For example I use Geneweb[0] for maintaining my family tree [1] and it
would be sooo unbelievably nice to be able to import geneweb
anniveraries into Evolution.


[0] -
[1] - any Guests, Gunsts, Brays, Armitages, Websters or Oughtons out

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