Re: [Evolution] problem with outgoing filters

Can you get a back trace? I'm having problems trying to figure out what
the problem is...


On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 12:30, Rob Lemley wrote:

I'd been having a problem with Evolution crashing every time I sent an
email since about version 0.14. It was getting pretty annoying, since I
manage to send quite a bit of email. I figured it was something with a bad
build, but when the problem was still happening 2 CVS versions later, I
decided to do some investigating.

It turns out that Evolution is having problems with my outgoing mail
filter. I have a couple different email accounts that I might be sending
mail from, and depending on which I'm using, I want the sent mail to go to
a different imap folder.

So the filter is set like this:
Source Account  is   rjlemley calypsoblue org
Move to folder  sent-mail (imap folder)

It doesn't seem to make a difference if the folder in question is an imap
folder or a local folder.

When the filter is in place, the evolution-mail component crashes, and I
need to restart evolution to be able to use the email functions again. The
mail does get sent, but is not in the correct folder. If I remove the
filters, I don't have this problem.

If anyone has suggestions as to something I've goofed up, or maybe I found
a bug(?) I'd be happy to hear!

BTW: To the ximian guys. Thanks for working so hard on such an excellent
product. I've been using Evolution since January, and I've seen it come a
long way. Great work!

Rob Lemley
rjlemley calypsoblue org
"Cursive writing does not mean what I think it does."
  -- Bart Simpson

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