[Evolution] feature requests + question


I have some requests:

1. A field in the contact box: a name that indicates what name should
put in the To: field. (like the display field in mozilla).

2. If the "displayed" field is empty, then the To: field should not be
"<somebody somwhere com>", but simply "somebody somewhere com"

3. When composing messages, put in to To: field the names and address
that will appear in the mail, not the name of the recipient (one thing I
dislike very much in outlook is that it is not possible to see the email
of the sender)

Mozilla is doing these things this way and I think it's better :-).

And a question: what do you suggest to access mail when I don't have X
running, only a console (for example by ssh over a slower link). Imap
and another client? Or is there some better solution?



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