[Evolution] Known issues? Apply filters & expunge quirks

Before I gripe I would like to say congratulations on the new beta and
the restoration of snapshots!

Now for my gripes :)
1) No message is selected after I apply a filter that moves a message
into another folder.  This is annoying because when I then press an
arrow key, the selection jumps to the top of the message list.

Contrast this behavior with expunge, which when you have selected a
deleted message, press ctrl-e, then the the next message in the list is

2) Along the same lines as (1), when you have several hundred messages
in a folder, and you mark one for deletion near the top, highlight that
message again, and then press expunge, the scrollbar and view jumps way
down to near the bottom,  even though the next message down from the
expunged message is selected.

Has anyone else noticed these things (or more importantly, logged then
in Bugzilla)?
Richard Ziegler
Release Engineer / ClearCase Administrator
(617) 503-0442
CertCo, Inc.   

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