Re: [Evolution] Cannot create filters which move to folders containing subfolders

On Wed, 2001-10-03 at 10:56, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
 I wrote:
    I have been seeing intermittent similar problems to what you are
    describing below, including the crash of Ev after trying.

  Do you have a stack trace for that?  I cannot reproduce this problem.

I'm trying to recreate this tonight at home and I can't. It was at work
today using a SSL IMAP connection to a Cyrus server. I will send the
stack trace tomorrow.

Tonight when I try to filter to the Trash on my POP connection, it just
does nothing when I click the select, no crash, just nothing.

So I tried SSL IMAP to the same server. Now when I try to filter to the
Trash, I get the generic message "The type of selected folder is not
valid for the requested operation".

Anyways, I will send crash trace tomorrow. Thanks for your time.


Steve Fox

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