[Evolution] Evolution 0.15 (Beta 5) is out!

The hacking monkeys at Ximian are proud to announce the availability of
the Beta 5 (aka 0.15) release of Evolution.

The time is drawing near for the 1.0 release.  This means that time is
almost up to stress-test and report bugs for Ximian Evolution.  Prizes
will still be awarded to those reporting the nastiest, thorniest, and
the most total bugs. To report a bug, please visit
http://bugzilla.ximian.com or use the GNOME Bug Report tool, Bug Buddy.

Every Thursday, between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (US),
developers and users of Evolution gather to find, isolate, and destroy
bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and visit the #evobugs
channel, located on the irc.gnome.org server.

Just like with Beta 4, Beta 5 binaries features LDAP, PalmOS, and SSL
built-in support.  Solaris packages will not be released with Beta 5;
please stay tuned for Beta 6.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing to
the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server


or compile the source tarballs at


For more information, the main Evolution web page is located at


The Evolution development page is located at




        * Fixed a problem with shortcuts not appearing when created by
          the mailer. (Ettore)

        * Fixed right-click menu behavior for folders in the folder bar.

        * Got Rename to work again. (Ettore)

        * Fixed some folder copy/move/dnd bugs. (Ettore)

        * Added a menu item to configure the Pilot settings. (Ettore)

        * Fixed some other miscellaneous bugs/crashes. (Ettore)

        * Added ability to run the intelligent importers from the
          File->Import menu item. (Iain)


        * Fixed the multiple error-dialog problem. (Michael)

        * Fixes to PGP decrypting and verification code. (Jeff)

        * Made vFolders work much better. (Michael)

        * Added a confirm expunge option to the mail settings dialog.

        * Fixed the update-IMAP-unread-counts bug. (Jeff)

        * Show messages in the user's preferred charset if the message
          itself doesn't contain charset information or if the message
          charset is wrong (ie the system can't convert the text to
          utf-8). (Jeff)

        * Many backend fixes. (Michael, Jeff, Dan)

        * Fixed the crash that accompanied the invalid address warning.

        * Properly encode the mailto: links we generate inside of
          displayed messages. (Trow)

        * Improve the signature editor. (Iain)


        * Backend improvements. (JP, Rodrigo)

        * The alarm daemon can now re-enter properly. (Federico)

        * Alarms can now have zero-time offsets. (Federico)

        * Warning fixes. (Chris)

        * Fixed custom Glade widgets on non-Linux systems. (Dan)

        * Fixed crashing problems in the event/task editor. (Damon)


        * Miscellaneous bug fixes. (Trow, Toshok, Clahey, JP, Peter)

        * Better handling of addresses containing commas or other
          special characters. (Trow)

        * Fixed bugs related to sending mail by left-clicking on an
          address inside a message. (Trow)

        * Auto-completion now matches against contact nicknames. (Trow)

        * Added help text and generally cleaned up the contact editor.

        * Handle multiple wombats properly. (Toshok)

        * Made which book to use for address completion configurable (no
          gui for this yet). (Toshok)

        * Made Print Preview work in addressbook. (Clahey)


        * Now syncs exception dates in calendar and addressbook notes.

        * Does not overwrite custom data on pilot. (JP)

        * Address completion no longer marks records as changed. (JP)

        * Miscellaneous other bug fixes. (JP)


        * Cache images instead of repeatedly reloading them. (Iain)

        * Only redraw when the summary is visible. (Iain)

        * Use the encoding specified in the RDF file. (Takuo Kitame)

        * Leak fixes. (Larry)

        * "Show today's tasks" works. (Iain)

        * Make the preferences dialog nicer. (Iain)


        * Handle the case where the Netscape transport is nothing. 

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