[Evolution] Evolution 0.14 and Exchange 2000 (LDAP)

        Hi people,

        We are trying to get Evolution and our Exchange 2000
        server to collaborate a bit.

        I have get IMAP to works just fine.

        Now I would like to move to contacts and so LDAP.

        1) As anybody already done this ?

        2) What should I use as search base and search level
        in the LDAP config ?

        Thanks for your help,

Francois Baligant            _     Wanadoo Belgium NV/SA,
Network Operation Center    ( )       a subsidiary of France Telecom
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francois be wanadoo com    (__/\   tel: +32 2 717 17 17
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- "if you hold a unix shell to your ear, do you hear the c?"

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