Re: [Evolution] Does this memory use seem excessive

Are you counting each evolution-mail process? Don't. evolution-mail is
multi-threaded and so shares it's resources between all threads, thus
when you see that each process is using say 14 megs and there are 8 of
them, it's not using 8 * 14 megs of ram, it's really only using 14 megs


On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 13:42, John Harlow wrote:

I've got Ev. running (latest bits, updated via red-carpet this morning.)

When I look at memory usage in gtop, I see that about 106 meg of memory
is in use (evolution, evolution-address, evolution-calendar and
evolution-mail) with about 97 meg in evolution-mail.

Does that seem excessive? I keep my inbox pretty well cleaned out, but I
do make extensive use of folders to sort  and archive my emails.


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