Re: [Evolution] Mail recipient editing weirdness

On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 13:30, Jürgen Meurer wrote:
Am Mon, 2001-10-01 um 13.00 schrieb Janne Morén:
Has anybody this problem:

I'm replying to a mail, but I want to change the recipient (who's in my
addressbook). I try to delete the name, but as I delete, the dialogue
keeps filling in the original recipient again. The only way to do this
is to mark the recipient using the mouse, then deleting it all at once.
Strange and annoying.

Is there any reason to reply a message to another person than the sender
This has to be a forward and not a reply.

Yes there is. We have an impromptu mailing list in my gaming group, and
so far, the guy who set it up has failed to properly set the reply-to,
so just replying will set the address of the sender, rather than the
address of the list. Thus I need to change the 'to' address, and it's
cumbersome, clumsy and prone to errors at this time.

Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend.

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