Re: [Evolution] pgp unusable?

...and if you're on DOS, "piping it to pgp" has text in the canonical
CRLF format, whereas in Unix it doesn't.

Also, if the text contains 8bit text, do we QP encode before or after we
sign it? If we QP encode before, will the other mailer know to feed the
encoded text to pgp? Or will it assume that it's supposed to feed the
decoded text to pgp?

Same applies to QP encoding it afterward.

You just can't win.


On Thu, 2001-11-29 at 20:14, Dan Winship wrote:
The problem is that you guys don't fully understand the problem, to you
it sounds as simple as "just pipe it to pgp or gpg and whallah" but it's
not that simple. Well, not if you expect the other end to be able to
verify your signatures at least. Sure, I could just pipe to pgp/gpg, but
if the other end can't verify the signature, what good is it?

People have been "just piping it to pgp" for a decade. It Just Works
most of the time. Really.

-- Dan

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