Re: [Evolution] Messages showing up as attachments in Outlook.

I get the same complaints from people who read my e-mails in Outlook,
because I always GPG sign them.  I'm worried this may cause people to
delete my e-mails without reading them in fear of it being a virus.

My suggestion would be to implement straight-text signing of e-mails, as
well as the MIME technique (I can see Jeff shuddering).

I know signing an e-mail via MIME is the best solution for modern mail
clients that know what a PGP/GPG signature is.  However, Outlook is
quite a widely used client, and having e-mails not read is a bit of a
time waster.

I have to admit, I'm quite torn on this issue.  It's Outlook's fault,
blatantly.  But considering the market share, maybe Evo should

On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 17:45, Jim Scadden wrote:
I have had the same problem as well. It only happens when I send
messages encrypted/signed with gpg (haven't tried pgp).

The messages display fine in Evolution, but have the body as an
attachment in Eudora & Outlook Express (they're the only two I have

I had complaints, so I don't sign my e-mails by default any more.

On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 17:11, John Ehrlinger wrote:
Hi all,

For some reason messages I'm sending from Evolution are showing up as
attachments in Outlook express. I'm getting complaints from users about
the pain of having to view the attachment to read my messages. Am I
doing something wrong? Have I missed some pref? I could send the message
as HTML, but that causes other issues with nasty clients. I'd like to
tell them to use a real client, but that's not nice either. Is there an
Outlook setting I should tell them about?

My pref would be to convert them off OE, but I don't think that's
possible this time.


-- Jim

"A system can only be as secure as the dumbest action it permits its
dumbest user to perform" - Mohen's Second Law of Security

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