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I don't know if this is a long standing bug or something faulty with my
filtering logic, but I have never gotten source filtering to work since I
started using Evolution from 0.14.

Could someone please explain to both of us why a simple filter that receives
mail from one account seemingly is unable to move the messages to another
folder. I've tried everything, but it looks like a bug.

Another issue is that in some of my accounts, I have assigned it a unique
mail login, but I use the same return email address and the same name. As a
result, even though I have unique accounts, that come up as identical
enteries in the account drop down box! It makes picking between those
accounts genuine guesswork.


Joseph Tan

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Hi All,

I'm running 0.99 on YDL 2.0. It looks like the Source Account Filter
option still doesn't work, unfortunately. Is this a known issue?


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