[Evolution] Ouch, that hurt.

I had a very long email I had finished writing, and I set it in the
background to look at other email, wanting to go back to check it again
before sending it out. Inadvertently pressed the X and closed the main
evolution window.

I reopened Evolution, and pressed the "New Message" button, which
usually then says something to the effect of "I've found drafts, do you
want me to recover them" and I say yes. Well, I'm running the most
recent Snap of RC1, and it didn't do that, so that very well thought out
email is now lost, and I"m struggling to recreate it. Is there any way
to recover it? Please let me know ASAP if there is. and btw, if not, I'd
consider that a HUGE bug, If one has a window open with a message
written, and upon close, all changes are destroyed, without asking me to
save the changes, it's definitely a MAJOR bug :-)



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