Re: [Evolution] RC1 and Maildir - cooler, if not supercool

The 'filter new messages in inbox' feature as on IMAP was also
implemented for maildir.  So this behaviour is optional.

On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 07:01, Karel P Kerezman wrote:
I have to say I'm amused. I got .99 installed (from Mandrake Cooker,
btw, since Red Carpet gave up on some dependency non-issues) and I
noticed one interesting new feature. I had commented on the list before
regarding Maildir local spools, and was told that the IMAP-like folder
structure was as-designed (for the time being).

So after getting .99 running, I do my usual
manual-expunge-to-get-new-mail trick... and whoah! The filters for my
Local Inbox are applied... and running another expunge cleans out the
filtered messages from my "." directory.

That's cool. Now I can just Ctrl-E Ctrl-E to deal with all my filterable
mail automagically instead of Ctrl-A Right-click "Apply Filters."
Thanks, Ximians!

Karel P Kerezman, IS Admin Entercom Portland

It's an unthankful job, but I've got lots of karma to burn off.

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