Re: [Evolution] Importing netscape 6.1 files doesn't work !

On Wed, 2001-11-14 at 12:46, Jürgen Meurer wrote:
Am Mit, 2001-11-14 um 13.26 schrieb José Ernesto Jardim:

I'm trying to change to Evolution 0.99.

When I wanted to import my netscape 6.1 files the "inteligent importers"
didn't found any and so in step 2 of the "evolution importer assistent"
I had no importers to select.
When you get problem with import you can take the Netscape files like
Inbox an cat them in evolution/local/"directory"/mbox.
The Netscape files are also only mbox files.

Or use the single file importer option.
Netscape 6.1 is based on Mozilla and there isn't an intelligent importer
for it yet.

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