[Evolution] search for numeric string in message body

This may be related to bug 11647.

If I search for a numeric string in either "Body or subject contains" or
"Body contains" for a string that is or contains numeric characters, the
search fails. It will return matches for the subject in the "Body or
subject contains" case.

I noticed this in my redhat folder where I keep all the RHBAs and RHSAs
and did a search for "7.2". I went to a message that had "7.2" in it and
entered (cut and paste) the 7.2 from the body into the search and did
searches on both subject and body and then body only. The first case
returned 1 message with 7.2 in the subject. The message that I did the
cut and paste from briefly showed the 7.2 string highlighted as a seach
match does, but then the message disappeared. Similarly, a search for
i386 returns no matched. 

I have RH7.1. I noticed this also in 200110291518 and I'm now seeing
this also on 200111021518.

John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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