Re: [Evolution] composer crash

Damian sent out these instructions this morning that worked for me.
Note, he mentions that you may not have to unsub from the Evolution
Preview Channel. That is true, I did not unsub. However, I guess I now
have to be careful what I choose to update from this channel in the


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Yes. I presume you are using RedCarpet and you are subscribed to both
the Preview and Snapshot Evolution channels. The problem is caused by
using the preview release of Evolution with the snapshot release of
gtkhtml. The solution is to (using RedCarpet) go in the Preview Channel
and Remove evolution. Now unsubscribe from the Evolution Preview Channel
(you may not need to do this, but I did). Go into the Snapshot channel
and Install everything that you can.

Then you should be sorted.


On 30 May 2001 10:31:41 -0400, Neil Cooler wrote:
I think someone mentioned this yesterday, but the latest evo or gtkhtml
snaps crash when you hit enter in the compose window.  Is there a way to
fix this?  Is there an older rpm I can download which will fix this
problem?  --neil

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