Re: [Evolution] splash screen

On 29 May 2001 12:17:06 -0700, Jamie Rubinstein wrote:
Hi All,

Evolution ROCKS, and I love it!!  The only thing I don't like is that
annoying splash screen that comes up every time you start it up, saying
"Thanks for taking the time to download this...".  I noticed someone else
has also asked how to remove this, but I don't see any replies to them.  Is
there a way to disable that splash screen??  If so, how can I do it???

Thanks in advance,

Jamie Rubinstein
Systems Engineer
Apropos Retail Management Systems, Inc.
jamier aproposretail com

In keeping with past precedent, I won't say exactly how to do it. As Dan
(I think) has mentioned recently, this was discussed some time ago and
should be in the list archives. Otherwise, you can peruse the source and
find the magic incantation to disable it. I will give you the hint that
it took me longer to find the CVS server and download the source tree
than it did to grep through the source code to find the answer.

Good luck,

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