Re: [Evolution] Pop-up widgets

Abe Fettig wrote:

Just downloaded the 5/25 snapshot.  Evolution is really looking great!

However, I have a some usability concerns with the way pop-up widgets
work.  Specifially: How to make them go away?

Example 1.  I am working in the Tasks view.  I click in the Due Date
field, and a little down-arrow appears on the right hand side.  I click
on the down arrow (mostly out of curiosity), and a nice little
calendar-selection widget appears.  So far, so good.  Now I decide that
I would rather not select a date from the calendar widget, so I click on
another part of the evolution window, figuring that, as with drop-down
menus, this will make it go away.  Hmm.  It's still there.  Well, come
to think of it, I don't really need to edit that task right now, I'll
just go back to my Inbox... But it's still there, floating above my
Inbox window!  I take a closer look at it.  Ah, I see, there's a button
that says "None"... I click it and it goes away.

I intend to fix that so it does go away when you click outside it.

I think I had a problem with pointer grabs or GTK+ grabs or something.


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