Re: [Evolution] Attachment names with =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E1=F3=E9=ED=F1?= screwed up


From: Dan Winship <danw ximian com>
Evolution is displaying that correctly: if that were an actual
iso-8859-1 encoded string, it wouldn't have ""s around it. So it's the
program that sent the message that's broken.

The filename parameter is a quoted-string, so there should be quotes
around it.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that this warrants an intelligent solution.
It the MUA clearly intends to send a non-ASCII filename, even if it
isn't RFC 2184-compliant, Evolution should use it, or possibly attempt
to convert it to ASCII (since it's kinda hard to generate non-ASCII
characters on a US keyboard).  Note that RFC 2183 does not require (ie,
it doesn't say SHOULD or MUST) that the filename attribute be used as
the basis for the name of the saved file.

Which mailers send filenames like this?

BTW, Evolution writes the bare 8-bit string, without quotes, as the
filename parameter!


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