Re: [Evolution] Evo crashes when hitting reply key.

On 27 May 2001 09:48:28 -0700, George Farris wrote:
I can't seem to get Evolution fixed.  It crashes in both the composer 
and reply window when hitting the "Return" key.  I have ORBit-0.5.8 
installed and got gtkhtml from cvs with " cvs checkout gtkhtml" and it 
still doesn't work.  Any suggestions anyone?  This is RH-7.1.

I had this problem yesterday when I upgraded my gtkhtml to a snapshot
release from red-carpet.  All I had to do was uninstall the snapshot rpm
and put the old one back on.  I guess there is a problem with the CVS
version maybe.

Conrad "AtomicDog" Akier

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