[Evolution] Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re: [HC Evolve] Evolutions looks like Outlooks, does it so that much too??=

On 20 Mar 2001 00:52:44 -0500, Tim Covell wrote:

Thanks for the good info.  Your FAQ was quite light.   Actually,
what I meant to write in the Subject line was does it _suck_ that
much too.   At my new job, I'm being forced to use Outlook.  Its
filter mechanism is completely broken (filters fail to work and filtered
mail shows up as already read!).  It's slow.  The user interface
shows entirely too much overengineering and a decided lack of 
intuitiveness.   Ad nauseum.

Our filter mechanism doesn't do that unless you tell it to. Our UI is
similar to Outlooks. Of course, we'd take suggestions on how to improve

    At the moment, my favorite email tools are, in order of preference,
Mail-It on BeOS, KMail, and elm.   Mail-It is by far the most intuitive
and well thought out mail tool designed to date(that I've used at least).  
My only complaint is that its folder cache has a tendency to get 
corrupted, but it's easy to update it.  

You should add to your list of complaints the fact that it's broken with
respect to MIME encoding. Note the raw Subject header your mailer wrote.

    I'd suggest that you keep in mind what I think is most important,
the KISS principle.  KISS stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid."   90% of
your work will be wasted on implementing 10% functionality which no
one wants and which overly complicates things.

We're only writing what people demand. And by demand I mean they won't
shut up about it until it's done.

    Right now, I'm a big KDE fan, esp. since QT became GPL'd.  If
you had a static version of Evolution, then I might be more favorable
of using it....

We're not going to be making static versions of Evolution any time soon.
I suggest installing the foundation gnome libraries needed for Evolution
- perhaps by installing a base install of Ximian GNOME? This'd make it
extremely easy to keep up with out latest releases of Evolution as well
as the GNOME libraries.


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