Re: [Evolution] reply time

does 'sometimes' == 'the first time I open the composer' ? If so, then
it is because you are having to wait for the gnome-html-editor control
to be launched (it's a separate process).


On 24 May 2001 07:32:53 -0700, lee johnson wrote:
    sometimes when  I hit reply
it takes forever for the message window to come up....similar to length
of time for evo to start up.......only sometimes though

also ( sorry if previously covered ) I can't seem to get an email
address ( when i click on TO or  CC etc. ) to get put in the To or CC
field when chosen......

is this somehow related to the :contacts gone thread?? 

db_dump185 addressbook.db.backup | db_load addressbook.db>>> I tried <
that line but gave me wrong format error..........


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