Re: [Evolution] contacts are not back - ev .10 - ximian 2

Hi There,

When I try to issue the command db_upgrade I get the
error that the command is not found.  I am running RH
7.0  any ideas?


--- Christopher James Lahey <clahey ximian com> wrote:
On 23 May 2001 16:27:10 -0500, John Sundberg wrote:

Redhat 7.1
evolution .10 - 2 (from Redcarpet today)

[jdsundberg bear Contacts]$ file addressbook.db 
addressbook.db: Berkeley DB (Hash, version 5,
native byte-order)

[jdsundberg bear Contacts]$ db_dump185
db_dump185: addressbook.db: Invalid argument

[jdsundberg bear Contacts]$ db_dump addressbook.db

db_dump: addressbook.db: hash version 5 requires a
version upgrade
db_dump: open: addressbook.db: DB_OLDVERSION:
Database requires a 
version upgrade

If I try and create a new Contact - I can fill out
the form
but nothing appears to be created in the the

You have a db2 version database.  RH7 packages use

These instructions will only work on RH7.x:

In your contacts directory run:
cp addressbook.db addressbook.db.bkup
db_upgrade addressbook.db

Try again.  Once you're satisfied that it's working
again, you can
delete the backup at your leisure.


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