Re: [Evolution] contacts are not back - ev .10 - ximian 2

It works for RH 6.2, maybe it's a packaging problem with RH 7.1. What's
suspicious here is that your "file" output is quite different from what
I get

$ file addressbook.db 
addressbook.db: Berkeley DB 2.X Hash/Little Endian (Version 5, Logical
sequence number: file - 0, offset - 0, Bucket Size 4096, Overflow Point
3, Last Freed 0, Max Bucket 5, High Mask 0x7, Low Mask 0x3, Fill Factor
0, Number of Keys 65)

although the alleged version is the same. My db package is as follows

$ rpm -qa | grep '^db'

Have you checked yours?

-- F

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