Re: [Evolution] frame-type bug

Aha, that I do

I'd been wondering how a message's content could've affected the title
bar, but I'd thought that rule matched only something who's title _was_
"xterm", not just a string containing it, so I never would've thought of

I tried disabling the rule, and it works like I expect it now.


On 23 May 2001 19:18:36 +0500, Dan Winship wrote:
However, if I reply to (either to sender or to all) or forward one
specific message, it comes up as a "border-only" window frame type.
For anyone on the Helix Code Support list, the message is the one from
Wayne Dyer entitled "Update broke xterm"

Evolution sets the title of the composer window based on the subject of
the message. My guess is that you set up a sawfish rule to make windows
with "xterm" in the title be border-only?

-- Dan

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