[Evolution] frame-type bug

I just upgraded to the latest package from red carpet for redhat 7 (.10,
built on may 17th), and noticed a weird little glitch;

When composing a message, hitting reply on a message, etc. you get the
composition window.
Normally these are a "normal" window frame type.

However, if I reply to (either to sender or to all) or forward one
specific message, it comes up as a "border-only" window frame type.

I've run down my inbox trying various messages, and can't find another
one that seems to do it. I've checked the source & don't see anything
particularly strange about that message.

For anyone on the Helix Code Support list, the message is the one from
Wayne Dyer entitled "Update broke xterm"

If anyone wants a forwarded copy (i've tried; if i forward it to myself
and reply to that, it also does the border-only frame), I can send it

This is with evo .10 on a redhat 7 system with ximian's 1.4 packages (so
sawfish 0.38)

David Hoover

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