[Evolution] Using evolution with a lot of MBOX files/MH folders/maildir folders


I just had a quick look at Evolution 0.10 and must say that I'm really
impressed.  I would really like to use it.

One thing annoys me though, is my current setup.  Currently, I've setup
quite a lot of procmail recipes (filters) for all the different mailing
lists that I'm subscribed to.  These recipes file the mails into different
MBOX files.  One per mailing list that I'm subscribed to.  Those MBOX files
are all in ~/Mail.

I do not want to change this, as I need to be able to read my mails even
with a textmode MUA, namely mutt.

So, is there a way that I can tell Evolution that it should use one
directory (~/Mail) and use all the files it sees there as mailspools? 
Personally, I don't care that much about Evolutions nice filtering
capabilities.  They are nice, but procmail clearly beats 'em.  Sure,
procmail isn't as easy to setup - but procmail is already setup very well,

Or is there another way that I could use both procmail and Evolution
together at the same time?  Like importing the procmail recipes into

If Evolution doesn't handle MBOX files that well, I could also easily switch
to MH folders or maildir folders, if that would help.

Thanks for your time and help,

Alexander Skwar
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