[Evolution] Evolution doesn't seem to recover well when it can't save data files.

I am running Evolution from CVS (today's).
While running a test, I ran out of disk space.
Evolution then barfed, complaining it's message
store was messed up.  When I tried to restart
evolution, it failed repeatedly.  Finally, I 
moved my ~/evolution directory to a backup
location.  I then moved my mbox files by hand
from evolution/local/<name>/mbox to ~/mail/<name>
(my pine directory).  Then I blew away my evolution
directory and restarted evolution.  It prompted me
to import from my Pine directory and then 
successfully imported my email messages.

All this begs the question, "Why couldn't 
Evolution perform a more robust recovery of
data when some files contain unexpected information?
It seems to me that a data recovery utility or
process is needed in Evolution.  A good way to 
develop such a function would be to simulate
various data corruption scenarios (the disk-full
one is good) and then check to see how data gets
corrupted and what can be done to gracefully
handle and recover from the problem.  For example,
if initialization information is missing from 
certain files, Evolution shouldn't crash and 
should set those values back to defaults, etc.

What do you think?


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