Re: [Evolution] Local Evolution and IMAP Evolution

Le 2001.05.18 14:35:02 +0200, Thomas J. Baker a écrit :
I just got a new system and moved from an IMAP mailbox to a local one.
It's great as Evolution is lightning fast and the filters work on my
inbox.  It really shows it's power.

The problem now is that it's kind of a mess if I want to Evo-IMAP into
my desktop system from my laptop. All my mail folders are in
evolution/local and it doesn't handle them very well.  Each mbox in each
of the folders is not parsed into individual mail messages, just one big

Is there a plan for this or are you supposed to just always use IMAP
even if it's to localhost? (That seems like a shame!) Is it possible via
IMAP for evo to recognize the evolution directory structure and "do the
right thing"?

THAT would kick ass ! Evolution as an IMAP server/regular mail client on
the desktop, and as an IMAP client on the laptop !


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